Occupational safety and health

The Occupational Safety tab on our website covers many occupational safety and health topics found at University of Wisconsin System campuses. This section of our website has content grouped into topic areas which can be accessed using the menu bar at left.

Many of the topic areas are common occupational safety and health program or subject areas. However, some are groups of topics collected together to keep the menu bar to a reasonable size. These are listed below. The search box at the upper right of our website is also useful if you have trouble finding a specific subject.

Equipment, machines, and tools — This covers equipment, machines, and tools not otherwise covered on our website. It includes: equipment for working at height (ladders, scaffolds and personnel lifts); forklift and powered industrial trucks; and, some equipment, machines and tools found in physical plant or facilities shops.

Miscellaneous — A collection of campus safety or health-related topics that are not covered in other areas under the Occupational Safety tab. Current content includes: bleachers, holiday safety, and personal electronic devices.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) — Covers many aspects of personal protective equipment (PPE) on this and other subpages. Topics include but are not limited to PPE for: eyes and face; hands and arms; head; and, feet and legs. Respiratory protection is a separate subject.


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