Troubleshooting GHS training module problems

There are two things to check for if neither the HTML or Acrobat version of the GHS training modules fail to open on your computer:

  1. That your computer has Flash Player installed
  2. That there is a valid file association for .swf files.


Flash player installation

Click here to verify (or download) the Flash Player installation.


File association for .swf files

SWF filesFor computers running a version of Windows, below are a couple of suggestions. If neither applies to your situation and you don't know how to verify or change file associations on your computer's configuration, then consult with your campus IT help desk.

Windows XP

In Windows XP, open the My Computer icon from the Desktop, select Tools, then Folder Options, then the file types tab. The picture to the right shows how the correct .swf association should look.

Internet Explorer 9, 10, or 11

Try these following steps to verify or change the file association of .swf files.

  1. Open IE, go to Tools, click Internet Options.
  2. Navigate to the Programs tab and click on the "Set Programs" button.
  3. Click on the "Associate a file type or protocol with a program".
  4. Highlight the .swf extension in the list, then change the default program of it (you probably want to choose your IE browser).



Page last saved: 12/13/2013