Slips, trips and falls

Winter slip, trip and fall (ST&F) prevention

penguinThe hazards of winter weather are well-known to the majority of our employee base, most of whom have experienced many Wisconsin winters. The main two components of winter slip, trip and fall prevention are grounds maintenance and employee behavior.

Winter ST&F prevention campaign material, 2013-14

University of Wisconsin campuses can get printed copies of table tents and posters by contacting the UW System Administration Office of Risk Management. Contact our office if you have any additional suggestions about the program.

Table tentTable tents

These card-stock table tents come with a two-sided design with different messaging on each side, and a spot to place a standard label (e.g. Avery 5160) so that you can customize the tent with your UW campus phone number for reporting icy and slick spots. 

University of Wisconsin campuses can get copies by contacting our office or by using this MS Publisher file and arranging print copies with your campus print shop.


"Tread Safely This Winter" penguins were provided to campuses as part of their individual winter slip/ trip/ fall awareness campaigns. There may be a limited amount available for further campus awareness activities. Contact our office with your plans for use and to check on supplies.


Poster 1

Poster available NOW!

Poster 2

Poster available appx. January 2

Poster 3

Poster available appx. January 2

Other links and references

Walk Like a Penguin to Prevent Winter Slips, Trips and Falls: UW-Madison page of ergonomic tips, toolbox training points, and video training for physical plant staff.

Prevent Winter Slips and Falls: SFM® has several good ideas for training and awareness.


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