Managing Records

Internal Public Records Management

The Office of General Counsel sponsors and supervises the University of Wisconsin Records Officers Council, which maintains the resources contained within this website.  The purpose of these resources is to facilitate the transaction of business, ensure public accountability, and preserve the history of UW System institutions by fulfilling state and federal legal requirements for public records management. 

Public Records Management Policy - The Public Records Management Policy for the University of Wisconsin applies to all UW System institutions and was approved by the Board of Regents in April 2007. The policy sets forth public records management roles and responsibilities in order to ensure that UW System institutions fulfill relevant state and federal legal requirements.

General Schedules and Services

  • UW institutions
  • UW System-wide

Legal Records Custodians - List of legal records custodians at each UW institution responsible for responding to requests for public records

Records Officer Council - Comprehensive list of UW System records officers, contact information, and meeting dates

Public Records Management Resources