Frequently Asked Questions: Tenure and Appointments

Q. Pending the final decision of dismissal of a tenured faculty, may that person be relieved of his or her duties?
A. Ordinarily, the faculty member will not be suspended from his or her duties. If, however, the chancellor, after consultation with appropriate faculty committees, finds that substantial harm might result if the faculty member were to stay in his or her position, the individual may be suspended. In such cases, the faculty member's salary will continue until the Board makes its decision as to whether dismissal should be granted.

Q. Does my department or committee have to provide notice of meetings relating to tenure?
A. A tenure candidate must be given actual notice of any evidentiary hearing that may be held before final action on the tenure decisions and before any meeting at which final action may be taken. This notice must contain a statement that the candidate has the right to demand that the evidentiary hearing or meeting be held in open session. If the tenure candidate demands an open session, then the public notice requirements of Wisconsin's Open Meetings Law apply.
Section 19.85(1)(b ), Wis. Stats.

Q. If I serve on a committee that recommends a denial of tenure or a nonrenewal of an appointment, can I be sued?
A. In some instances, service on a committee recommending the nonrenewal of a faculty member may lead to being named in a lawsuit. Because such committee service is one of the duties of faculty employment, however, the UW System, through the Wisconsin Department of Justice, will, in virtually all circumstances, be able to provide you with legal representation and indemnification. See sections 893.82 and 895.46, Wis. Stats.