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"University of Wisconsin System wants flexibility in raising tuition and other decisions," Wisconsin State Journal, Feb. 11, 2011.
The UW Board of Regents wants the authority to raise tuition without getting approval from the state Legislature, one of several areas of flexibility the University of Wisconsin System is requesting from Gov. Scott Walker. UW System President Kevin Reilly sent a letter to Walker on Tuesday asking for more freedom from state regulations to build facilities, purchase goods, hire people and set tuition...

"Wisconsin Higher Education Business Roundtable: Urges Governor Walker to support UW system "smart business" approach,", Feb. 9, 2011.
The Wisconsin Higher Education Business Roundtable, a coalition of business leaders committed to a world-class education system and innovative economic development, called on Gov. Scott Walker and members of the Wisconsin Legislature to support the UW System’s request for management flexibility in order to increase its competitiveness in the global marketplace; maximize efficiencies and purchasing procedures; and reduce operating costs...

"UW leaders: State education funding should be a top priority," Fond du Lac Reporter, Feb. 1, 2011.
Leaders of the state's UW system universities say support from elected officials — and the public dollars they administer— is critical to Wisconsin's future...Pruitt and UW System President Kevin Reilly spoke Monday to members of the Fond du Lac Noon Rotary Club. They stressed that conversations need to begin about priorities for state funding and where higher education ranks on that list...

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"Toward fiscal integrity," Editorial, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Feb. 14, 2011.
The state Legislature should take a thoughtful look at Gov. Scott Walker's attempt to neuter state public employee unions. Walker's proposals, part of a budget repair bill, shouldn't come to the floor until opponents have had a chance to be heard and until legislators fully understand what they are being asked to do...Walker and the Legislature also should consider how these proposals affect recruiting and retention of faculty and staff to the University of Wisconsin System. The UW campuses need relief from state rules and regulations, something Walker has supported. Increased flexibility is critical to the long-term health of the Milwaukee campus in particular, which is educating more Wisconsin students than any other while also bolstering its research capacity. Now would be a good time to embrace that idea of flexibility...

"The UW: a job creator," Op-ed, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jan. 30, 2011.
In our state Capitol and elsewhere, the most popular topic of conversation is jobs. People recognize the University of Wisconsin System as a premier source of educated workers, but sometimes forget that a strong public university also creates new jobs... (Author: UW System President Kevin P. Reilly)

"Give University of Wisconsin the freedom to deal with cuts," Editorial, Wisconsin State Journal, Dec. 19, 2010.
State money is tight. But so are state mandates. That's why incoming Gov. Scott Walker should accept UW-Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin's smart bid for greater flexibility...Martin has done a good job of touting UW-Madison's value to Wisconsin, its economy and future. Kevin Reilly, president of UW System, is making a similar case for all of the campuses across the state...

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"Campus Connection: Can state still afford quality UW System?," Capital Times, Dec. 12, 2010.
Terry Hartle, a senior vice president with the American Council on Education, was in town Friday to take part in a University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents meeting at the Memorial Union on the UW-Madison campus...Before catching a plane back to Washington, he sat down with Campus Connection to offer a national perspective on the state of higher education in Wisconsin and across the United States...

"Colleges are urged to play a greater role in regional development efforts," Chronicle of Higher Education, Dec. 8, 2010.
Colleges must play a greater, and more deliberate, role in helping regions innovate and thrive in an increasingly competitive and globalized economy…Economic development is "no longer about attracting businesses," said Sam M. Cordes, co-director of the Purdue Center for Regional Development. "It's about attracting people, about attracting talent."...

"Fast gainers: 4 ways that colleges have raised graduation rates," Chronicle of Higher Education, Dec. 5, 2010.
While many colleges have suffered declines in their graduation rates in recent years, some have increased their rates significantly. In fact, 150 colleges saw their rates rise by at least 10 percentage points between the six-year periods ending in 2003 and 2008...

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