Core Publications   

Growing People, Jobs, and Communities (pdf)
Overview of Growth Agenda, published in December 2008 and revised August 2010. To request print copies of the brochure, contact

New strategies for economic recovery and renewal (pdf)
Case statement issued in 2010.

Principles for Progress and Prosperity: Forging a new compact between Wisconsin and its Public University (pdf)

A position paper jointly written by Regent President Charles Pruitt and Regent President Emeritus Jay Smith.

Action Steps
A set of concrete, ongoing initiatives derived from the strategic planning process to support the goals of the Growth Agenda.

A Leader in Accountability – Flyer (pdf)
Describes how the UW System is efficient and accountable.

A Quality, 21st-Century Education for Every UW System Student – Flyer (pdf)
Explains the five shared learning goals representing the university’s commitment to student preparation.

Supplemental Publications

Competitive University Workforce Commission
Final Report, June 2010

Accountability Report: Investing in Wisconsin's Future 
Similar to the way corporations report to their stockholders, the UW System's annual accountability report outlines how the university holds itself accountable to students, alumni, and Wisconsin residents while tying measurements in with Growth Agenda strategic goals.

Institutional Accountability Reports 2009-10

Fact Book (pdf) - A reference guide to:

  • Academics and Enrollment
  • Financial Information
  • Faculty and Staff
  • General Information