nVision is a tool used to create and run reports against data in SFS. Report layouts can be created or modified using Excel spreadsheets in the nVision Client application. The layouts, reports and corresponding report requests can then be set up to run in the UW nVision "bolt on", which is a custom, user-friendly page in PeopleSoft for running nVision reports.

nVision Training Materials

Running nVision Reports from the Web/ UW nVision(PDF; 8 pages; Last updated 09/16/2013)

Deleting nVision Reports(PDF; 6 pages; Last updated 08/26/2013)


Other Resources

nVision Inventory(XSLX; 5 sheets; Last updated 10/15/2013)
The nVision inventory provides valuable information about associated objects such as layout and scope for nVision reports. It also contains layout location on network drives and category information for reports housed in UW nVision.


nVision Support

nVision for PeopleTools 8.52 Client Set Up Guide (PDF; 15 pages; Last Updated 10/15/13)

Manual Conversion of nVision Files from .xls to .xlsx (PDF; 10 pages; Last Updated 10/22/13)

How to Clear the 'File not found' error in nVision Client(PDF; 2 pages; Last Updated 03/19/14)

How to Correct the 'Tree Undefined, Inactive or Invalid' error for nVision (PDF; 6 pages; Last updated 09/12/2014)


For additional nVision support, please email UWSA Problem Solvers at uwsaproblemsolvers@maillist.uwsa.edu.