Vehicle Rental Discounts

The University of Wisconsin System has discount agreements and contract terms with Enterprise, National, & Hertz for your business travels. The University's vehicle rental program provides cost savings alternatives to ground transportation, optimal pricing and customer services, waived membership fees for express services, and for all domestic rentals, include adequate insurance coverages.  The combined benefits of this program can not be obtained individually through other means.  All drivers must be authorized by UW Risk Management prior to renting.

Select the appropriate contract for your business needs from the left navigation menu.

Which contract to use? 

  • The Big Ten Contract with Enterprise and National is the primary contract for UW business.  Select the Big Ten contract when the driver is an employee, graduate student, guest or contractor.  This contract cannot be used by non-graduate students and all drivers must be at least 21 years of age.  This contract allows for personal use. 
  • The State of Wisconsin/WSCA contract with Enterprise, National, and Hertz is reserved for students traveling on University paid business and as a secondary option for employees when a vehicle is not available under the Big Ten.  All drivers must be at least 18 years of age and authorized by the University.

Use Requirements

University travelers are required to use the University's nationwide vehicle rental contracts for short-term (30 days or less) vehicle rental services. In the rare instance a vehicle is not available through contract suppliers, the employee may rent a vehicle from a non-contract source. If the collision and liability is not provided, then the employee must purchase the insurance. The UW will reimburse the employee for the insurance when the vehicle is rented for UW business purposes. For international locations where the contract vendor does not include insurance, the standard insurance should be purchased and the UW will reimburse the employee for the additional costs.

Note: Employees who charge their rental to their US Bank Corporate Travel Card do have some primary collision/theft insurance through VISA but on the rental vehicle only. There is no liability coverage. Travelers should not rely on this limited coverage when renting from non-contract vendors.

All rentals require an authorized signature by the University; all eligible and authorized drivers will also be listed on the rental agreement at the time of rental.

Eligible renters and authorized drivers must meet University minimum driving standards and be authorized by Risk Management:

  • Valid operator's license
  • Minimum two-year license driving experience
  • Meet minimum age requirements per contract

Rental rates do not include taxes, government fees, airport, geographic (including seasonal) or franchise surcharges, or optional charges such as GPS, rental company refueling, Personal Accident Insurance, Personal Effects Coverage, or any other optional items or services.  Payment or reimbursement of non-contracted items or services is not allowed on University funds.

When renting vehicles within the state of Wisconsin for business purposes, employees should provide the vendor with the Department of Revenue approved tax exempt wallet card or a copy of the Wisconsin Sales & Use Tax Exempt Certificate to avoid being charged for state, county, and local taxes.

12-Passenger Van Rental Requirements

University staff will be able to rent 12-passenger vans through the rental contract. Rentals will be subject to the following requirements:

  • The driver(s) must have successfully completed the 12-passenger van driver training program, be current in their frequency of use of these vehicles in order to meet the state's 12-passenger van driving training requirements, and must comply with 12/15 Passenger Vans Driver, Training, and Usage Guidelines. (Frequency of use requires that a driver must have driven a 12-passenger van a minimum of 10 hours or 400 miles in the prior three months.) In addition, UW System policy requires students to be 25 years of age in order to drive a 12-passenger van. Review of UW System Risk Management Policy and Procedures
  • Rental of a 12-passenger van must have previous approval for each rental from the Department of Administration Bureau of State Risk Management with concurrence with institutional Risk Management offices. 

The Department of Administration and UW Risk Management Offices will monitor the usage of 12-passenger vans. Drivers who rent 12-passenger vans without prior approval may have their van driving training certification revoked, as well as the approval to rent or drive other state or university vehicles.