Systemwide Collaboration and Planning

The Academic Planning & Policy Task Force completed its work in May 2011.  The Task Force included faculty and academic affairs representatives from each UW System institution, and reviewed current PLA practices, policies and guidelines within UW System institutions and at peer institutions/systems across the U.S.  Task Force findings provide direction to steer evaluation methods to ensure quality assessment of learning outcomes.  The findings also consider and recommend modifications to UW System policy in the areas of transcription, transfer, and systemwide acceptance of standardized test; and offers observations, questions, and recommendations regarding administrative issues related to PLA that impact both academic and non-academic planning. 

The Advisory and Implementation Committee currently advises the UW System Administration as to how the recommendations of the PLA Task Force should be implemented.  Utilizing learning from the pilot institutions, the group is conducting an in-depth examination of the PLA Academic Planning and Policy Task Force, with a particular focus on the application of these findings.  Committee recommendations will address findings that have systemwide policy implications or shared systemwide priorities that are best implemented collaboratively.  Priorities of the committee's work includes transfer, transcription, marketing, training and advising practices.  The Advisory Committee is comprised of UW institutional faculty and staff from across functional units including offices of the registrar, academic affairs, adult student advising, admissions, continuing education, institutional research, students, and units engaged in economic and business development.

The Advisory and Implementation committee is also responsible to coordinate training and technical assistance for UW System faculty, through the UW System PLA Faculty/IAS Consulting Group.